Kogyo - Deep Blue


This producer from Austria shares his analog sounds in the form of deep Ambient atmospheres and a touch of Dub Techno. Highly recommended to grab this one!

01. Kogyo - Maru
02. Kogyo - Organic Systems
03. Kogyo - Quantum
Kogyo - The Eyes of Eternity


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Brickman - Voyage Among The Echoes EP


Elizar Brickman takes us to a  "Voyage Among The Echoes" with his new release on SSN.

Deep Dubby Techno for the lovers of this genre

01. Brickman - First Voyage
02. Brickman - Second Voyage
03. Brickman - Third Voyage
04. Brickman - Fourth Voyage

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TicK - Vanishing EP


TicK is based in Berlin and he brings us quality deep sounds with his Vanishing EP. Deep chilling sounds can you expect.

I think this is best served on a hot summer day!

01. TicK - Vanishing
02. TicK - Like a Prism
03. TicK - Inside is Outside
04. TicK - Catch Me

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Ohrwert - Transit


I think this release don't need any kind of discription. By seeing this logo, you all know enough! I am very honoured of having Ohrwert material on Sound Source Netlabel.

Analog Dub Techno madness!!!!!!

01. Ohrwert - Metro
02. Ohrwert - Locomotive
03. Ohrwert - Maglev
04. Ohrwert - Nautical


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Izzat Man - Ancient World


Izzat Man is responsable for the Ancient World EP on SSN. A nice blend of Ambient atmospheres and dubby rhythms is what you get. And all for free.... Grab this one!

01. Izzat Man - Amuli
02. Izzat Man - Ancient World
03. Izzat Man - Deep Gravity
04. Izzat Man - Deep Space
05. Izzat Man - M4 Don


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Sonitus Eco - Eku Neoliticu


Sonitus Eco was one of the new artists on the Various Depths release. Now finished his new EP "Eku Neolitiku" which means neolitic echoes, for Sound Source Netlabel. Awesome Dub Techno...

01. Sonitus Eco - Ghal Qamar
02. Sonitus Eco - F`Qih Hagar Qim
03. Sonitus Eco - Ghax Xemx

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SLP - Eternity EP


He showed us what he was capable of on the Various Depths compilation. Now it's time for his own release. SLP introduces its Eternity EP....

01. SLP - Eternity
02. SLP - Memories
03. SLP - Sky Tree
04. SLP - Travel Dream

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Various Depths - Various Artists


They come from all the corners of the world. And without any hesitation they all have signed up for this project. I'm talking about the artists that joined this wonderfull project. It shows once again how dedicated they are with this profound music.

I am very very proud to present to you the first Various Artists compilation on Sound Source Netlabel!

As the name probably suggests, we take you on a journey to the "Various Depths" of Dub-Techno, Deep Techno and Deep House sounds.

01. Subforms - Submotion
02. Ocralab - Frigoris
03. Koalips - Neptune
04. Fabio Scalabroni - Forest Path
05. Digital=Divine - Negative Resonance
06. Axs - Faint Light
07. Delyrian - Audition
08. CBTØ - Fela Kuti
09. 44Mind - Fuss & Zizz
10. SLP - Desire
11. Basicnoise - Frühlingserwachen
12. Optic_ - Sight
13. Fingers In The Noise - Sunday 9
14. Lo - Thus Spoke The Source
15. Zzzzra - Nouvelles Banlieues Chics
16. Dominique Jacquinet - Restless

17. Sonitus Eco - Borderless

Full Release .zip file 251 MB
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Gray EP - 44Mind


Michael Peredrii aka 44Mind considers himself as a artist and a musician. You can find it back in the music he creates. While listening to his profound rhythms he brings us deeper in his thoughts and he shows us his art.

Michaels motto: In dub we trust...

And so does Sound Source Netlabel!

01. Gray
02. Spring Moisture
03. Electric Avenue
04. Infantile

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Vessel - Digital=Divine


Masahiro Hayashi aka Digital=Divine takes us on his journey through his endless deep electronic music, where he actually shows that digital can be divine.

Additional note:
For those who like to know, Paper Vessel, Paper Heart is a very complex track! While mastering the individual channels it turned out to be a great ambient atmosphere and im very glad to have Masahiro on Sound Source!

Keywords of this release are:
Dark Ambient and Dub Techno

01. Day 5
02. Paper Vessel, Paper Heart
03. Probleem van M
04. Active SETI

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Anisotropic Feeling EP - Koalips


Alexander Saykov aka Koalips is the guy behind the Anisotropic Feeling EP. Ground shaking rhythms and earthmoving basslines are the basics of this great EP.
In combination with the crystal clear voices and sparkling highs it makes this EP a treasure for all dub-techno diggers!

01. Sleepwalkers
02. Robostatic
03. Aztec Gates
04. Wurtzite

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Loud Silence EP - Subforms


Silence brings forth all that has been hidden. But the Loud Silence EP by Subforms is'nt hidden anymore. In fact it just have been released on Sound Source Netlabel. Loud Silence EP is a wonderfull compilation of atmospheric sounds and nice and deep rhythms written and produced by the guys of Subforms.

01. Introduction
02. Metro
03. Other Thing
04. Sadness
05. The Green Wave

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The Rising Darkness EP - Gr-oy


The fifth release on Sound Source Netlabel has just arrived. The Rising Darkness EP by Gr-oy includes 4 extraordinary groovy tracks from this Belgium producer

Just download this one!

01. Broken Voice
02. Lazy Boy
03. The Rising Darkness
04. Transition

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Side Chain EP - Delyrian


Delyrian provides us with a 5 track EP inlcuding a remix from his friend Moolsaasa from the east of Berlin. The first four tracks on this EP are easy listening Dub Techno. While listening you will float away into the atmospheres that this great artist has produced. To cool down after this hot material there is "Cache" a nice and calm ambient atmosphere that brings you in a higher state.

01. Red Sand
02. Side Chain
03. Side Chain [Moolsaasa RMX]
04. Vintage
05. Cache

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Dub Incursions - CBTØ


CBTØ brings us his debute release "Dub Incursions". The first track on this release pleases our ears with a nice ambient atmosphere and is built upon a deep dark breath combined with a crystal clear melody.

The second track, by contrast, brings deep and raw dub techno as we all like to hear it!!!!

I think we are going to hear much more from this artist in the future...


01. CBTØ - Pi
02. CBTØ - X-201

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Light as a Butterfly - Fingers In The Noise


The second release comes from Fingers In The Noise.
Light as a Butterfly EP is a 4 track EP but includes a bonus track by the man that was responsable for the first release on Sound Source Netlabel. Light as a Butterfly EP is a real killer for the Dub Ambient listeners among us.

01. FITN - Mosquitoes Dance
02. FITN - Light As A Butterfly
03. FITN - Marchand De Sable
04. FITN - For My Mother In The Sky
05. FITN - Light As A Butterfly [Lo Remix]

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Ten Years One Night - Lo


Lo bring us this release driven by his feelings of coming back to Europe since he lived in Saint-Denis (Reunion Island) the last 10 years.

You can find 2 quality pieces of Lo's work on this release. To make this one complete Lo found himself eight artists that made remixes from one of his tracks.

A stunning first release for the label. And a must have for all deep and dubby music lovers.

01. Lo - Ten Years One Night
02. Lo - Ten Years One Night [Optic_ Remix]
03. Lo - Ten Years One Night [Zzzzra Remix]
04. Lo - Ten Years One Night [Toni Latenz Remix]
05. Lo - Sunrise on Stone Cape
06. Lo - Sunrise on Stone Cape [Basicnoise Remix]
07. Lo - Sunrise on Stone Cape [Fabio Scalabroni Remix]
08. Lo - Sunrise on Stone Cape [Lil` Piggy Remix]
09. Lo - Sunrise on Stone Cape [Ocralab Remix]
10. Lo - Sunrise on Stone Cape [Axss Remix]

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