The story behind Sound Source Netlabel

Dominique Jacquinet founder of SSN started producing some years ago. His work was released on a number of netlabels and commercial labels aswell. Together with Demy Ottens and Rik de Voogd they start Hidden Events. A number of party's followed in Bootleg DJ Cafe Rotterdam. The whole idea was to share deep and dubby and mostly undiscovered music to the public. They also combined different styles in one night to attract all kinds of people and give them something to please their ears.

In 2009 Dominique started his course at SAE Institute Rotterdam. With all this knowlegde in mind its time for a new challenge so Dominique founded Sound Source Netlabel in 2010.

In 2011 Sound Source Netlabel released its first Various Artists compilation "Various Depths". This was an icing on the cake.... 17 artists joined this compilation and the result is stunning!



Sound Source Netlabel is based on Creative Commons Licenses but what does that mean?

"Creative Commons is a nonprofit corporation dedicated to making it easier for people to share and build upon the work of others, consistent with the rules of copyright.
CC provide free licenses and other legal tools to mark creative work with the freedom the creator wants it to carry, so others can share, remix, use commercially, or any combination thereof."

For Sound Source Netlabel is used:
Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives

This license is the most restrictive of the six main licenses, allowing redistribution. This license is often called the “free advertising” license because it allows others to download your works and share them with others as long as they mention you and link back to you, but they can’t change them in any way or use them commercially.



Bits Of Freedom

Bits of Freedom is the Dutch digital rights organization, focusing on privacy and communications freedom in the digital age. Bits of Freedom strives to influence legislation and self-regulation, on a national and a European level. Bits of Freedom is one of the founders and a member of European Digital Rights (EDRi).

Sound Source Netlabel fully supports Bits Of Freedom.
Do you want to know more??? Or would support BOF yourself?

visit the website:


For the gear slutz among us!

I listed some of my favorit equipment i love to work with

Beyerdynamics DT990 Pro Headphones
Yamaha HS 80M
Kurzweil KS-40A

Midi Controllers:
Novation Remote 25
Novation Remote Zero SL

Special Thanks to:

Jordi for designing the Sound Source Netlabel Logo
Rik for his contributions to the label
Lo for updating discogs ;)

Thanks guys